Structural Protection From Pests

Wood Destroying Organisms

Termites, Beetles, and Fungus

A home, property, or business are most individuals’ largest investments and something you certainly want to protect.  There are many different forms of pest attack which could affect the value of your investment. Termites usually attack from the ground. Beetles attack from various entry points. And fungus can attack when wood has higher levels of moisture. Our arsenal of weaponry to protect your property includes the most modern weapons and techniques available. We often collaborate with our suppliers in developing new techniques and technologies to defend your home or business from the enemies responsible for the destruction of wood. Some of the weaponry we use includes:

Termite Control

We offer liquid and bait alternatives to provide you with the best structural protection possible against the invasion of all wood boring insects. One of our Baiting System Providers, Dow AgroSciences, has been recognized as The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Winner.

Termites cause millions of dollars in structural damages for homeowners every year. You can count on Clegg’s to provide protection for the two most important investments in your life: your family and your home.

In addition to Termite Control we also provide solutions for Moisture Control problems. We have an arsenal of weapons that we use to keep the area beneath your home as dry and termite free as possible including:

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