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Testimonial – Potentially Prevented Thousands in Damage

800px Termite damage 300x225 Testimonial   Potentially Prevented Thousands in DamageTermites are quite possibly the most destructive insects to a human home or business. They have the potential to wreak havoc on anything in the interior of the building along with major structural damage.

When termites strike, quick detection and eradication is imperative. Check out the testimonial below to see how one customer potentially saved thousands.

Joe Eastman did our annual termite inspection last week. In the course of the inspection, he asked me to observe what appeared to be a small leak with some water drips into our crawl space. He suggested that my husband take a look at it when he came home. Well, my husband did so and we called out a plumber. Much to our horror, we had a leaking pipe that had already caused damage in our wall and behind our kitchen sink and dishwasher. It was beginning to cause floor damage as well. It took the plumber 6 hours to fix the problem and the area is drying out as I write this. There will need to be more work done in our kitchen to reconstruct the drywall and sheet rock to the tune of about $1500. Although this is an upsetting event, we are so grateful to Mr. Eastman who probably saved us thousands of dollars of damage. I shudder to think what might have occurred. I want to commend Mr. Eastman for his diligence and for going out of his way to be of assistance to us. We are forever grateful.
- Dr. and Mrs. William Parsons

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Testimonial: Full-Scale Assault on Termites

When we come to eradicate termites, we don’t mess around. And while we take termites seriously, we’ll always greet you with a smile. Check out this testimonial from Dave and Meredith who think our customer service is “exceptional”. Stop it, you’re making us blush.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for the exceptional service our family received and has continued to receive from your company upon deciding to change over our termite and pest control needs to Clegg’s…. On the morning the crews pulled up to our house, it was a sight to behold. Both termite and pest control crews arrived at the same time. It looked like a full-scale assault. I literally had to go explain to one of my neighbors not to panic, we didn’t have termites, we’re just upgrading! They were relieved….. On your website you mention great customer service. I would actually change that to exceptional or extraordinary customer service at the very least. While this may be just business as usual at Clegg’s, being treated this way is unprecedented and non-existent everywhere else. It did not go unnoticed and it was greatly appreciated.

- David & Meredith B.

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Residents Are Free of Infestations – Customer Testimonial

One of our customers who receives a scheduled visit for her apartment complex sent us a wonderful letter of appreciation.

As a property manager it is incredibly important to have consistent inspections and services to provide your tenants with the best living conditions possible. Nothing makes a resident want to split faster than a kitchen full of cockroaches.

Below are Aimee’s kind words:

I would personally like to send a special thank you to our weekly service provider, Rae Horrell. He is always so polite and professional, even when dealing with situations that aren’t the most pleasing. He can always be counted on to do a thorough job and we appreciate him letting us know whenever there may be a problem in a particular apartment. Without him, we may never know that a resident may have an infestation or living in less than desirable conditions. I felt it was important to send this letter of appreciation because of Rae going above and beyond for us here at The Creek.

Aimee D, Community Manager, The Creek at Forest Hills Apartments

We always love to hear from our customers and especially love to hear when they are truly satisfied with our services.

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Termites Beware: This Home is Off Limits – Customer Testimonial

Termites tend to spring up more in the Spring. These relentless critters feast on anything that contains cellulose which can include paper, cardboard, and unfortunately for your home, wood.

Eliminating a termite infestation not only rids your home of pests, but it can also provide you with peace of mind. Termites are known to deploy costly structural damages to homes. Not only can they deface the exterior of your property, but they can bring about the need for extreme home rebuilding.

Luckily our team at Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control is very experienced with the elimination of prevention of termites. In fact one of our customers, Charity, even left us a kind message with regards to her termite issues.

If I were a termite, I would hesitate to approach this house now that it has been protected by your company’s efficient system…..The entire scheme was thoroughly explained to me by Steve Arnao. He answered all my questions reassuringly with patience and courtesy. It was an altogether pleasant initial interview. Steve made me feel fortunate to have chosen Clegg’s.

- Charity C.

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“We Won’t Be a Bed Bugs Dinner” – Customer Testimonial

Adult Male Bed Bug1 We Wont Be a Bed Bugs Dinner   Customer Testimonial

Bed bugs are an unfortunate nuisance that can be really difficult to detect and treat. That’s why we employ some of the best bed bug detectors around. Once our aces have sniffed out an infestation, it’s on to the treatment portion of Clegg’s bed bug pest control services.

One of our customers was kind enough to write us a message regarding her bed bug situation. Like her, we’re happy that the bed bugs didn’t feast on her for dinner!

Me and my family received services from your company in Grimesland NC for bed bugs. I was so shocked to find that these pests were real. When I first noticed these I contacted your office and made an appointment with Tony. He came out and was honest with us to the point that he stated if I don’t find any, I can’t treat. Well upon inspection he found them, we proceeded with a game plan for treatment and here it is 3 weeks later and our home is bed bug free thanks to Tony, Paul and Rambo (the K-9 certified bed bug do). A big thank you for your services and for giving me and my family the peace of mind to know that we won’t be a bed bugs dinner at night.

Mary S.

Check out what other customers had to say about our services on our Customer Stories page.

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