Ladybugs are beetles that range from .8-18mm in length. While we most closely associate ladybugs with their red wings with black spots, they can also be found in yellow and orange. While ladybugs are not generally considered pests, it still is important to be able to identify them should they inhabit your home or garden.

Convergent Lady Beetle

Hippodamia_convergens-1Description of Pest: One of the most common ladybugs in North America, the Convergent gets its name from the white dashes on the pronotum/prothorax.




7-Spotted Lady Beetle

Spotted LadybugDescription of Pest: The Spotted Ladybug represents what everyone imagines when they picture one.





California Lady Beetle

8583690278_eb2c6913c4_oDescription of Pest: The California Ladybug is similar in almost every way to the Spotted Ladybug. However they lack the spots.