Crickets, while somewhat related to grasshoppers, are closer in relation to katydids or Wetas. Currently there are over 900 species of crickets. These completely harmless creatures can be a nuisance due to their loud chirping at night.

Camel Crickets

Description of Pest: Wingless, hump-backed shape. Common in crawlspaces.



Field Crickets

Field CricketDescription of Pest: This species of cricket is common throughout the US during the summer.

House Crickets

House CricketDescription of Pest: The house cricket is typically found in the house. They tend to gravitate towards any traces of crumbs so the kitchen is a common area to find them.


Northern Mole Crickets

Northern Mole CricketDescription of Pest: Mole crickets derive their nickname from their propensity to burrow in the soil.