Beetles are part of the Coleoptera order which includes more species than any other order. Beetles have two pairs of wings including the shell-like protective pair which provide protection for the rear pair.

Stag Beetle

Stag BeetleDescription of Pest: Stag Beetles currently house about 1,200 species with some growing up to 12 cm.





Locust Borer Beetle

Locust Borer BeetleDescription of Pest: During the autumn they will feed on pollen of goldenrod plants ad deposit larvae into locust trees.




Big Dipper Firefly

Big Dipper FireflyDescription of Pest: The Big Dipper is the most common species of firefly in North America.






Japanese Beetle

Japanese BeetleDescription of Pest: They consume the leaf material between veins, leaving a skeleton of what was once a leaf. They also will eat fruits and plants.