Ants are by far the most common pest in all of North Carolina. Infestations can happen quickly and can be very frustrating. Below are some of the most common ants found in North Carolina homes:

Carpenter Ants

carpenterants 195x300 Ants

Description of Pest: Carpenter vary is color and size but most are large and a blackish color. Parent colony lives in constant moisture. Satellite colonies are usually involved in infestations.






Pharaoh Ants

PharoahAnts 256x300 AntsDescription of Pest: Pharaoh ants are known to have many colonies therefore all ant trails need to be baited. They are very small ants, usually light yellow to red in color with black markings on their abdomen.




Fire Ants

FireAnts 300x234 AntsDescription of Pest: Fire ants are usually found outdoors versus indoors however when they do venture indoors it is usually along the edge of carpet.




Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants 300x176 AntsThey are most often found in kitchens. When this ant is crushed it emits a coconut odor which signifies its name.



Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ants 300x219 Ants

Description of Pest: Their abdomen is heart shaped and when disturbed they try to carry their abdomen above the rest of their body.





Field Ants

Field Ants 300x138 AntsDescription of Pest: Field ants are not usually found inside but rather around structures or under piles of wood, brick, or rocks.



Little Black Ants

Little Black Ants 300x134 Ants

Description of Pest: Little black ants occasionally invade homes but are usually found in the soil or nesting in the masonry or woodwork of a structure.



Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants 150x124 Ants

Description of Pest: Pavement ants also have 2 nodes and are usually found in one of 3 places: 1) Outside along the foundation 2) Beneath slab foundation 3) Inside hollow foundation walls.


Citronella Ants

Citronella Ants 300x153 AntsDescription of Pest: Citronella Ants are usually light yellow to light reddish brown with small eyes and they have a citronella odor when crushed.



Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants 300x184 AntsDescription of Pest: Argentine ants are usually found outside under mulch, foundation slabs, or inside of a tree or shrub.




Ghost Ants

Ghost Ants 300x136 AntsDescription of Pest: Eliminating harborage sites around the foundation of a structure will help reduce the chance for an infestation of ghost ants.



Crazy Ants

Crazy Ants 300x179 AntsDescription of Pest: Crazy ants are most easily identified by their zig-zag like movement. The crazy ant adapts very well to its environment whether it is a dry or wet habitat.



White-Footed Ants

White Footed Ants AntsDescription of Pest: These ants like to nest in soil, in old trees, and various other damp locations that may provide a good nesting site.




Big Headed Ants

Big Headed Ants 300x159 AntsDescription of Pest: These ants are small in size and are yellowish or light to dark brown in color. The major worker has a large head for its body size whereas the minor worker’s head is more proportionate to its body size.


Thief Ants

Thief Ants 300x181 AntsDescription of Pest: These ants normally nest outside in the soil underneath rocks. If these ants move inside they usually nest in wall voids or behind baseboards.