Common Bugs

Carpenter Bees

Description of Pest: Look like bumble bees but no yellow on abdomen. Bore tunnels into wood for nesting Nonsocial bees.





Description of Pest: Occasional invaders. Elongate. Brownish w/ many legs. Live outdoors in damp areas.





Clover Mites

Description of Pest: Occasional invaders. Smaller than a pinhead, Red Common on well-fertilized lawns







Camel Crickets

Description of Pest: Wingless, hump-backed shape Common in crawlspaces.






Description of Pest: Adults feed directly on blood and comprise ≈ 1% of population. Eggs, larvae, & pupae in carpet, pet bedding, furniture, etc…






Description of Pest: Many species with different breeding habits; such as fruit flies, bottle flies, house flies, drain flies.







Stored Product Pests

Description of Pest: Most common is Indian Meal Moth – 1/2 inch, front wings light tan w/ copper band at end. Group includes many small beetles and other moths.







Clothes Moths

Description of Pest: Small moths/ wingspan <1/2 inch. Not attracted to lights. Will be in fabrics derived from animal products.mendations.





Carpet Beetles

Description of Pest: Adults 1/8 – 3/16 inch long and feed on flowers. Larvae damage fabrics, hides, fur, etc. 1/4 – 1/2 long with hair tufts.





German Roaches

Description of Pest: Pale brown, 1/2 inch. Two black stripes on shield. Do not fly. Most common Roach.





Large Roaches

Description of Pest: American – yellow border on shield, Smokeybrown – solid mahogany. Strong fliers.








Description of Pest: Norway rat usually has burrows in soil. Roof rat usually lives in high up areas. Mice.






Description of Pest: Wingless, flattened and slender 1/2 inch, silvery gray three long hairs at rear end of body. Like high temps w/ moisture. Feed on paper, wallpaper paste, fabrics.





Sow Bugs/Pill Bugs

Description of Pest: Gray, oval shell: may roll into ball. Live in damp areas.






Description of Pest: Feed on insects. Some like moist areas, some like warm, dry places.





Spring Tails

Description of Pest: Very, very small; jump. Normally live outdoors but come inside in large numbers.






Description of Pest: Brown dog ticks, American Dog ticks, Deer ticks







Wasps, Hornets, Yellow-Jackets

Description of Pest: Nests are made of a paper like material and may be visible or concealed inside a wall void or underground outside. Social insects.