Our Personnel & Training

Our Technical Director is a Board Certified Entomologist. He oversees training and quality assurance. We also have a staff of entomologists from several universities and several with A.C.E. certification to assist in training and updating our service personnel in the newest technologies and methods, and also to educate them in the biology and behavior of structural pests. They conduct classroom and in field training which consists of the following:

  • Classroom training programs are held bi-monthly and they cover a variety of subjects with a major emphasis towards safety and technical knowledge. Our staff of entomologists and/or outside industry professionals conducts the sessions. All meetings are documented.
  • Field training. Formal instruction is followed up in the field by our staff entomologists. This is accomplished by on the job training with each service technician on a rotational basis.
  • TechTalk, our technical newsletter, is produced bi-monthly for our service technicians. It covers a variety of subjects to update them, reinforce training, and improve their performance.

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