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Joe Eastman did our annual termite inspection last week. In the course of the inspection, he asked me to observe what appeared to be a small lead with some water drips into our crawl space. He suggested that my husband take a look at it when he came home. Well, my husband did so and we called out a plumber. Much to our horror, we had a leaking pipe that had already caused damage in our wall and behind our kitchen sink and dishwasher. It was beginning to cause floor damage as well. It took the plumber 6 hours to fix the problem and the area is drying out as I write this. There will need to be more work done in our kitchen to reconstruct the drywall and sheet rock to the tune of about $1500. Although this is an upsetting event, we are so grateful to Mr. Eastman who probably saved us thousands of dollars of damage. I shudder to think what might have occurred. I want to commend Mr. Eastman for his diligence and for going out of his way to be of assistance to us. We are forever grateful.
- Dr. and Mrs. William ParsonsCustomer Stories

Per my phone conversation with you a few weeks ago and our personal meeting/inspection at our rental house on 1/24/2012, I had discussed with you what a wonderful employee you have in Brian Bridgewater. We have been customers of Clegg's in Durham for about 35 years and the last 3 years at our mobile home in Emerald Isle. Brian is by far the best technician we have ever had during our 35 years experience with Cleggs's. He is always courteous and always finds a way to complete our inside pest control when we are able to be down at the beach. What impresses us is" Brian always has his flashlight shinning in corners, under cabinets, and inside of cabinets and closets - No other technician has ever given this about of service. To me, it says he wants to do the best possible job for his customers. I would like to see him recognized within Clegg's for his excellent service to his customers. Brian knows his job and is very concerned about his customer's needs. Recommendations from us are: promotion, raise, or some type of monetary/vacation award.
- Jerry and Carole PooleCustomer Stories

I would like to start off by saying I own a busniess in Southport NC it is called Flip Flop Bakery we just started with a new tech his name is Jay great guy he takes his time and explains what he is doing,also had to call the office and spoke to the women I believe her name was Sue great customer service very polite and helped me with a bill that was confusing to me and she explained it to me I think these 2 people should not be unnoticed very professional!!!
- Flip Flop BakeryCustomer Stories

I wanted to send you a quick note regarding the performance your team (primarily Dwayne Spear) provided us at both Wilson, NC and Montgomery, AL. Both locations had major infestations of roof rats that were causing a lot of problems. We had continued to work with our previous rodent control company but they were unable to reduce the population, at best they could only maintain. The previous pest control company answer was always to just do a mass fumigation; this would have been very costly and disruptive to our business. Dwayne Spear offered a new approach to both locations without fumigation. As soon as his team started we noticed improvements. Those improvements continued until the roof rat population was basically removed. Both locations are in what is called a maintenance phase now and we feel very good with the current situation at both locations. I was skeptical at first, at both locations, but Dwayne and his team were able to do what they said they could. I have found Dwayne to be very responsive to our needs and I have complete confidence in him and your company.
- Jeff Grosse, US Cargill Feed & NutritionCustomer Stories

Good Afternoon and hope that you are well. Your technician Angie has just arrived at Breckenridge Court here in Greenville and I am here today and wanted to let you know that she is the most thorough and most professional technician that I have ever encountered in my 8 years in Property Management. She has just met with us and our resident who has Bed Bugs and explained everything that she will be doing such as spraying, dusting the walls, etc. as part of the chemical treatment. We’ve never had anyone until today that has been that thorough in explaining and performing the initial treatment. We would like to request to have Angie complete all of our initial treatments and inspections if at all possible. I would like to commend her and she is certainly an asset to your organization.
- Justin S. Wood, Wynnefield PropertiesCustomer Stories

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the outstanding service provided by Jason Floyd while assisting me with a sensitive situation. His quick response and accommodation eased a clients frustration allowing us to focus on the end result. It is my opinion that Jason is a valuable asset to your organization and should be recognized by his peers for his efforts. Thank you to Jason and I look forward to working with him in the future.
- Shannon Jackson, WWP Rentals ManagerCustomer Stories

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank-You to so many of you who were so quick to assist us in our current situation with bed bugs. On June 9th, 2013, a young teenage homeless girl that we had taken in and whom had lived with us for over a year, moved out of our home. She had graduated from high school and was going off to leadership camp for the summer before heading off to college for the fall. We did not know however, that while staying with us, she had brought in her belongings from the homeless shelter, BED BUGS! Shortly after moving out, my own daughter began to experience bites on her body that resembled those of mosquito bites and we assumed it to be mosquito bites. Within a few days, my daughter found what appeared to be bed bugs on her mattress in her bedroom. We immediately called several pest control companies and Cleggs was the FIRST to respond. DWAYNE HARRINGTON made arrangements to meet me the very next afternoon. As soon as we met Dwayne, we sensed a personal concern and interest from him in helping us out with our pest problem. I can only stress how upset and panicked we were over this situation with bed bugs in our home. DWAYNE conducted a thorough inspection and found a majority of the infestation to be in the room the young lady had stayed in. He was really informative about bed bugs and assured us that Cleggs could assist us with our problem. Only July 1st, 2013, Clegg techncians arrived at our home and began chemical treatment. Again, the two young technicians were very knowledgable and helpful. On July 10th, 2013, Cleggs showed up for the HEAT treatment of our home and again, trained, knowlegable professionals did a very thorough job! We just want to say how much we appreciate everyone and their kindness shown to us! We have felt the presence of people who care and who desire to help us feel safe and secure in our home again. As of today, July 17th, 2013, we have not seen any live bugs and we are praying in faith, that we have eliminated this problem. I cannot as a mother, wife, and homeowner say with 100% assurance that I don't examine every speck of antyhing that I see on our floors, walls, or clothing, but I am feeling better about sleeping in my bed at night. The emotional, financial, and physical toil that a trial with bed bugs can bring to a family is something that we hope no other family has to experience, but if we had to go through this as a family, we are SO GLAD we chose CLEGGS to come along beside us!
- Angie TullockCustomer Stories

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for the exceptional service our family received and has continued to receive from your company upon deciding to change over our termite and pest control needs to Clegg's.... On the morning the crews pulled up to our house, it was a sight to behold. Both termite and pest control crews arrived at the same time. It looked like a full-scale assault. I literally had to go explain to one of my neighbors not to panic, we didn't have termites, we're just upgrading! They were relieved..... On your website you mention great customer service. I would actually change that to exceptional or extraordinary customer service at the very least. While this may be just business as usual at Clegg's, being treated this way is unprecedented and non-existent everywhere else. It did not go unnoticed and it was greatly appreciated.
- David & Meredith BrownCustomer Stories

Me and my family received services from your company in Grimesland NC for bed bugs. I was so shocked to find that these pest were real. When I first noticed these I contacted your office and made a appointment with Tony he came out and was honest with us to the point that he stated if I don't find any I can't treat. Well upon inspection he found them, we proceeded with a game plan for treatment and here it is 3 weeks later and our home is bed bug free thanks to Tony, Paul and Rambo (the K-9 certified bed bug do). A big thank you for your services and for giving me and my family the peace of mind to know that we want be a bed bugs dinner at night.
- Mary stricklandCustomer Stories

Just a thank you for the great moisture control job done recently at my house. I misplaced the names of the the two gentlemen who did the job. I want to recognize them for their: attention to detail; outstanding customer service; professionalism; hard work; and going above and beyond in doing a quality job. They were neat; clean; courteous; and thorough. A credit to Clegg's. The same applies to the sales contact with Field Consultant Rickey Lacey. The entire team is a credit to the Clegg's brand. I will use Clegg's for All my needs. Please contact me for my annual termite inspection. Request Mr. Lacey.
- Jason WetzelCustomer Stories

If I were a termite, I would hesitate to approach this house now that it has been protected by your company's efficient system.....The entire scheme was thoroughly explained to me by Steve Arnao. He answered all my questions reassuringly with patience and courtesy. It was an altogether pleasant initial interview. Steve made me feel fortunate to have chosen Clegg's.
- Charity ColeCustomer Stories

I would personally like to send a special thank you to our weekly service provider, Rae Horrell. He is always so polite and professional, even when dealing with situations that aren’t the most pleasing. He can always be counted on to do a thorough job and we appreciate him letting us know whenever there may be a problem in a particular apartment. Without him, we may never know that a resident may have an infestation or living in less than desirable conditions. I felt it was important to send this letter of appreciation because of Rae going above and beyond for us here at The Creek. If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to ask.
- ~Aimee Dietsch, Community Manager, The Creek at Forest Hills ApartmentsCustomer Stories

We just had our first visit from our cleggs technician for pest control. Wayne Rush, cleggs New Bern office, is a very nice and responsive technician and an asset to your business.
- Erik SmithCustomer Stories


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