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Whether you have an issue with termitesantsroachesbed bugsfleas, ticksmosquitoesmice, ratsnuisance wildlife or other pests, protecting your living and working environment is our mission.

We are North Carolina pest control professionals.

We offer termite and pest control solutions. Our trained technicians are experienced in handling all types of pests, nuisance wildlife, and wood destroying organisms like termites. They understand the biology and behavior of the invaders and use their knowledge to safely and effectively control the intruders. After they’ve won the battle, they will then discuss with you steps necessary to defend your property from any future attacks.

Our Full List Of Pest Control Services

Our North Carolina pest control services are extensive and performed by trained, professional technicians:







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Our aim is to always use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. This approach utilizes more of a defensive manner than relying on indiscriminate offensive pesticide use. It’s an environmentally responsible method of pest management. One we are sure you will appreciate. IPM requires an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the invaders to treat existing issues and to help prevent recurrences later.

Clegg's is an Accredited BBB BusinessOur pest management plans are custom tailored to your specific situation. Not all homes, businesses, and institutions can be treated alike because the factors affecting pest issues are not all the same. Our pest control professionals will identify the issue and determine the best solution. Whether the invaders are spiders, ants, roaches, fleas, mice, rats, ticks, or any of the other common or uncommon pest invaders then Call in the Troops – Call in Clegg’s Termite And Pest Control Today at 1-888-MR-CLEGG or contact us online.

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